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Business Awards F A Q

How we run the Deepings Business Awards

The business awards have quickly established themselves as a much anticipated fixture on the Business and Social calendar of the Deepings. The Deepings Business club as organisers have always had the ambition that our awards should be as democratic as possible.

We have put together a series on Frequently Asked Questions to clarify a number of points that have been raised since we launched the Awards in 2016.

Q. Is my business eligible for the Deepings Business Awards?
A. Any business that is owned and operated in the Deepings Business Club catchment area – broadly Market Deeping and the villages of Deeping St James, Deeping St Nicholas, Deeping Gate, West Deeping, Langtoft, Greatford, Baston, Maxey, Northborough, Glinton, Peakirk. Or any business that primarily services the area is eligible to be nominated.

Q. Do I need to be a member of the Deepings Business Club to take part?
A. No. The awards nominees are decided by the public.

Q. How are the awards shortlists arrived at?
A. By public nomination. Every year throughout May and June the nominations are open for anyone who lives in the Deepings to nominate their favourite company across the awards categories. On average we receive 400 public nominations. The shortlists are made up of those companies that have received the most nominations.

Q. How many companies make the shortlists?
Each shortlist will have a minimum of four nominees, but this will vary according to the strength of response from the community. Some categories may have as many as eight firms to vote for.

Q. Where are the nominations publicised?
A. The nominations process is publicised via our website and Facebook pages. The message is shared in various community groups. We use both twitter and LinkedIn and advertise the nominations in the Deepings Advertiser. On average each time we share information on the Awards it is seen by over 3500 people in our area.

Q. When does Voting happen?
A. Voting begins in early July and continues until August 31st.

Q. Is the vote online only?
A. Yes the voting for Deepings business awards is an online vote.

Q. If I have been nominated am I allowed to campaign for votes?
A. Yes. Absolutely. Being nominated for an award is excellent PR for your business. The Deepings Business Awards even more so as you will have been nominated by your Clients or Customers. Shout about it from the rooftops. It is a fantastic achievement to be nominated.

Q. How are the winners decided?
A. Simple – most votes wins.

Q. Are there any awards that are not decided by public vote.
A. There are three awards that are not decided by public vote – The Chairman’s Award which is in the gift of the chairman of the Deepings Business Club, the Outstanding Achievement Award and the Deepings Business of the Year where the winner is chosen from all of the category winners.

Q. Who chooses the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award and Business of the Year
A. The management committee of the Deepings Business Club.

Q. When are the awards handed out?
A. We have a gala presentation night on the last Saturday in September each year. It is a Black Tie celebration of the very best of Deeping. The awards night is a night that will live long in the memory – Especially if you win.

Q. Sounds great, where do I get tickets.
A. Tickets are available from the Deepings Business Club you can order yours at